Ping Pong Montclair / Bloomfield Area Table tennis

Posted Sat, May 7 by Peter from Glen Ridge, NJ in Games and Events / 4 replies

  • I'm looking for a place to play ping pong / table tennis that is close by. I've heard about the Westfield club and a few others in NJ and NYC, but nothing that is here in Montclair.

    Does anyone know of a place to play around here?
    Bloomfield College? Caldwell College? Montclair State?

  • Raul replied Thu, Apr 12

    Hi Peter
    I live in Montclair and have a table to play
    I use to play in Westfield....20 years ago...:)
    but can still spin the ball
    let me konw if you'll like to come and hit the ball
    I'm on Midland Ave
    r. gil
  • Abhishek replied Sat, Apr 14

    Hey Guys,
    I'm looking for some company to play ping pong with. I used to play reasonably well until high school after which life took over. Hopefully I can still hold my own.
  • sridar replied Mon, Sep 25

    Hi, Iā??m interested. Pls let me know how to connect.
  • Gaelan replied Thu, Sep 28

    Hey Raul,
    I wanted to chime in here and let you know that i am opening a USATT affiliated, Joola Sponsored, professionally outfitted table tennis club in Jersey City. I'm in negotiations to lease a spot in the heights currently - Check out my website I'm going to have table reservation options monthly membership/walk in prices and pro coaching on site as well as club leagues. You guys should get involved once it opens and fill out my survey. Send me an email at if you'd like to be added to my mailing list -

    Sridar, sorry this is like the 7th time i've wrote this message to you in the past 20 minutes!
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